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    IELTSman vs. Freshman

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    We have this inside joke at Freshman about a prototype of a student, who we call an “IELTSman”. We will describe this prototype below, so you can tell us in the @freshmanchat if you know such people too.

    IELTSman is a student who is mesmerized with an idea of getting a high IELTS score (typically, it is 8.0 or even 8.5) often because of a social status or a certain prestige that is associated with it in an "IELTS nerds" community. IELTSmen spend a ridiculous amount of time preparing for the exam, searching for "IELTS tips" or special "essay templates".

    If they learn any English words, these are always "IELTS words" that should certainly be academic and "sound smart". If IELTSmen ever think about anything, it is always in the format of an IELTS "advantages/disadvantages" essay. When they talk with others, whether in English or even in their own language, they always start with words like "if I had a chance.." or "from the top of my head...". Sometimes, they habitually give their identification to people, even if it is not really necessary.

    The only tragic moment in the life of IELTSmen is that IELTS preparation does not always translate into getting prepared for a university or even getting accepted. IELTSmen almost always get into mediocre universities and study with people who are of a much lower academic level than them, while eventually losing all their academic skills.

    That's why at Freshman, we set ourselves a goal of preparing freshmen at truly amazing universities, while helping our students get full and partial scholarships. We are trying to teach skills that will be helpful even beyond IELTS or SAT preparation, something that will stay with them for life.

    Join Freshman Academy and never be an IELTSman - BE A FRESHMAN!